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This is the new layout for Revenge is yours. The place to come, vent about BS, telling tales of revenge or how to get even with one. Also a place to talk about the crap in the news that just pisses you off.

The new forums are up and running, still some tweaking to do but, please take a moment and create an account. Start posting and a few internal members will get back to you or just add to your posts.

As is is a new fourm, We are always looking for suggestions.  Please use the contact us link or just post in the web suggestions

> Coming soon

New features, new chat boards, advanced layouts for more options for our users and much, much more.

The goal of Revenge is yours is to be one of the bigger places on the web to Vent, and talk about subjects you just would not post anywhere else.



If you have any questions or problems with the site, please e-mail webmaster "at" revengeisyours.com